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We are an interconnected society. The human experience is a de facto jigsaw puzzle by design. The soul of each human being is endowed with one part extending outward – i.e. his/her unique talents and gifts which were given to share with the world, and a part which is missing that points inward – i.e. the human dimension that requires reliance on others, what sociologist Philip Wexler calls “reciprocity.” For the puzzle to be completed, one must ignore the exterior, body-based differences, and focus on the inner life – that of the soul. This interconnectedness is fundamental to creating a happy, just, and caring society.



What is "Spiritual Environmentalism?" What do Jewish Spirituality and mysticism have to say about ecology and the environment? What's old just might be new...

Summary & Book Guide

The book Social Vision by Professor Philip Wexler, Jewish Mystical scholar Eli Rubin, and popular author Michael Wexler explores what ancient Jewish Spiritual and Kabbalistic teachings can offer as a blueprint for future society...


When a Sociologist embarks on a mission to find an escape from the “iron cage” of modern society, he stumbles onto a treasure trove of strikingly current solutions to today’s problems in the ancient and indigenous wisdom of Jewish Mysticism.

Featured Video from the 2021 Conference

Reimagining Education

Quote of the Day

“...the dynamic between giving and receiving is such that each comprises the other. Social interchange, in other words, should ideally carry an inherent mutuality according to which all participants are empowered and endowed with dignity."

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