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  • Michael Wexler

Castles Made of Sand

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Who are we? What are we doing here? Well, these are some very big questions but that's not exactly what I mean. What I mean is, who are we that are running this website? Why are we here doing ""? What does this have to do with Social Vision, conferences, videos, Jewish Mysticism, etc. Now there's a blog? Well, yes.

In the year 2019 (5779), myself, my father and Eli Rubin put out the book called Social Vision ( It laid out, in a nascent fashion, the ideas of the "Lubavitcher Rebbe," a spiritual titan who passed away in 1994. But what he left behind is a treasure trove of Kabbalistic, Mystical, Spiritual, and practical ideas for life and living. And for the future. The wisdom might seem new but it is old (and new), dating back to to the 17th century but giving us signposts for what might be possible in the 22nd century.

Like it or not a "cultural chrysalis" is underway. Can you feel it? The old order breaking down and the new arising like bread? Old stanchions are broken. Castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually. But what's left? Or what is the new sandcastle? We're wondering the same thing. And we're working on a project to figure it out - or at least propose some ideas for it.

It's an exciting time and a scary time. What's new is always scary. As my old friend Jimmy Scott used to say (RIP), sometimes we are more comfortable with "the devil we know." But that devil is gone. He has went down to Georgia leaving us alone in the vacuum.

Let's make the vacuum a Dyson, eh?

On this blog we'll discuss everything near and far. Ideas for the future. Quotes from the book. Ruminations on a tree. Anything is possible in the new order. From the old (Jewish Mysticism and Kabbalah) lie signposts for the new. Where are they pointing us? Stay tuned.

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